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Does your business need General Liability Insurance?

Most small companies need this insurance, especially if you rent or own an office or commercial space. And many client contracts include requirements for general liability insurance.

Even if these don’t apply to you, small businesses that work directly with clients and customers usually benefit from commercial general liability insurance, also known as a CGL policy. This insurance policy can keep your company financially stable if a customer or competitor sues you.

Because general liability insurance provides such essential coverage, most small business owners buy the policy right after starting their business.

Why do you need General Liability Insurance?

Mandatory before working with others

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You may need general liability insurance before you can work with other businesses. Some companies may ask you to provide proof of insurance, also known as a certificate of insurance.

**Based on a 2010-2014 claims data analysis from more than 1 million Hartford Business Owner’s Policies.

Even though every business is unique, each one can benefit from having general liability coverage. We can work with you to customize your policy so you get the right coverage for your business. Whether it’s learning about general liability insurance or helping you get a quote, we’re here for you.

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